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Sale price for office reception modules, reception to reception and waiting halls. The reception area is important precisely because it is the area of business presentation where the customers at the time of their arrival are welcomed. Very often the reception areas are set up with waiting seats or seats from visitors, large waiting areas. Very important is also the presence of friendly staff, helpful and courteous reception of customers. Castellani Shop offers several reception areas furniture solutions provide the user with various furnishing solutions.


ECO Series

Economic series of furniture for reception areas and waiting rooms and reception. This line offers reception of minimal furnishing solutions and simple, linear reception compositions and classic colors. It is composed of a reception base modules, corners and additional modules in order to create particular shapes that adapt to various types of environments. Important the presence of drawers and compartments for documents, comfortable seat and wheels and workstation equipped computer. The top of the front part allows you to have a minimum of privacy inside the station.



Castellani Shop sells furniture lines for elegant reception and finished in every detail, large reception, spacious and modern. This office line allows for reception areas furnished with style and designed precisely in order to have comfortable waiting areas for customers. The front lines can have various shapes and can be finished in various colors and in various materials. The lobby has an office room to all effects connected directly with the other office rooms in the establishment. Of fundamental importance is to have friendly and courteous reception of persons in the company.