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Libraries wooden office and metal available in several colors, in various finishes and in various lines. Wide availability of open bookcases and closed with hinged doors, composed of internal plans. Libraries and office furniture compatible with all the various work environments and compatible with all office lines proposed sale online at Castellani Shop. Wide choice of models of libraries in various forms, designed and manufactured right to seek elegance, modernity and design in the style of office furniture. The mobile library or office can have removable drawers or doors and can contain many useful products while on the job office.


ECO Series

Direct online sales of wall libraries of all types offices, libraries and mobile document archive consists of height adjustable shelves and removable at will. The mobile library or to the archive of documents is an essential and important component within an office operational or management, because this is essential to accommodate a variety of documents. The wall bookcase or freestanding office may have various types of shapes, different colors and external finishes. Also important is the compatibility between the library and the various other office components so as to create color and homogeneity of materials.



Castellani Shop also offers other modern office lines, design and elegant. These lines also provide libraries for Office designed and manufactured entirely in Italy. It is open bookcases, or closed with hinged or sliding doors, bookcases and furniture finished with the top of the top, bookcases both metal and wood on their own to maintain a unique and elegant style. Very often these are very large libraries so that may contain as much paperwork as possible.

Librerie da ufficio

SMART series

Office, living room and home bookcases designed and produced in Italy; designed combining wood and metal. These bookcases can be open or closed with hinged doors and are also equipped with adjustable shelves in height at will or removable. The style is very minimal and youthful and are ideal for any type of office and workplace. The SMART line therefore provides convenient and very practical bookcases.