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Indispensable component for the furniture of the offices are the sessions from that office must be comfortable, simple, elegant, ergonomic and must comply with a series of essential characteristics in order to ensure stability and efficiency to workers during the hours of permanence in uffico. Castellani Shop offers many models of office chairs, executive or presidential ergonomic seats, fixed seats for waiting and visitors, sitting on benches, sofas and armchairs. The wide range of sale online sessions allow users to have a varied choice among many models of chairs.

Sedie operative ergonomiche

Ergonomic seats Operative

Sessions for operational offices with high or medium back, side armrests, wheels; models of operational ergonomic seats with reclining back and Alzatura of gas seat. The office chairs are available in many colors and in many materials, the most used are the fabric and faux leather. The chairs for operating uffiicio match very well to all the operations office furniture lines presented by Castellani Shop. It is entirely Italian production sessions, where the value for money is really good.
Sedie direzionali

Managerial and ergonomic Directional

Sale of directional and ergonomic presidential sessions for executive or presidential offices, class sessions, elegant, refined in detail, particularly comfortable. The executive chairs usually are made of genuine leather, the structure is in chromed or painted metal, the wheels are swivel, side armrests pick up the color of the structure of the seat and the seat fabric. These types of chairs have many features to make your stay comfortable and relaxing in the office. The production of executive chairs is completely Italian.
Sedie da attesa

Waiting seats

Castellani Shop also offers individual sessions by waiting or on the bench. These sessions are characterized by having very vivid and bright colors, metal or plastic structures, the meetings are also expected to be placed on fixed legs. The seats for waiting rooms are stacking, folding, and very often are used in lecture halls and conference rooms, therefore the side palettes plastic can esseere added. From hold sessions can be equipped with side arms and are made of one-piece version.
Divani e poltrone

Sofas and Armchairs

Monobloc and modular sofas and armchairs for waiting rooms and reception halls customers, single-seater sofas and armchairs with two or three seats in colored fabric, leather or imitation leather. Castellani Shop offers furnishings for relaxation areas and rest areas using sofas and armchairs with medium and high backs. These design solutions are widely used for furniture ample space for waiting rooms of dentists, professional studies. The furnishings of these spaces is usually completed by low tables and glass coffee tables.
Sgabelli regolabili


Technical stools, beech stools or polyurethane foam for technical designers and laboratory technicians. The stool is a very essential tool used and very used in technical areas of work in which very often professionals spend many hours in uncomfortable positions. The stools are mostly used to support the work benches or desks workshop, have Alzatura gas and foot rest. The material used for the bodies of generalmete stools is the wood or the polyurethane so as to provide choice to direct users.

Sedie ignifughe

Fireproof chairs

Fireproof chairs certified in class 1IM and therefore fire resistant for a long time. It is a line of chairs entirely designed and made with high quality Italian raw materials to guarantee 100% fire resistance. Every minimum component of these chairs are designed and produced with a special eye on and with particular attention given to and considered the service they must offer. These are highly certified and guaranteed chairs