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Castellani Shop spedizione gratuita

Free delivery in italy with orders over € 500 + vat

Castellani Shop ordini telefonici

Customer service / phone orders 0587 748052 customer care assets from monday to friday from 8.00 to 16.30


Castellani Shop allows everyone to buy their products online, through a service simple, convenient and secure.


It can make a purchase prior to registration or as a guest, but in both cases it is necessary to fill in all the required fields.


registrazione utente


After registration, which requires a few simple steps, the new customer has an internal control panel, where you enter your shipping address, allowing the system to keep it stored to speed up the next purchase, and manage your cart and l 'compare product option.





Choose the product, the measurements and the color that you want, and after selecting the desired amount to add it to your cart. At the moment you want to proceed with the purchase, go inside the carriage, by first access if registered, and proceed with the order. E 'can change or remove the selected products from the cart at any time.





Once you have selected all the products to buy, proceed with the order. If you have an account with updated information and shipping address, the purchase process will be faster. Otherwise, enter the required data and proceed with the order.The order will only take place upon receipt of the payment of the product, according to the method of payment.



For any information contact the company via the page CONTACT


We not withdraw nor treat used.