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Additional modules

All types of metal shelving for sale online at Castellani Shop are modular and scalable at will and at any time. The additional modules of metal racks are therefore an important component that is added and connected directly to the base modules of the metal shelves in such a way as to create the right continuity to the metal structure. Additional modules will continue to allow the racking shelving without waste of space and money whereas central side is used by both sides for the attachment of the plans and shelves.


Additional modules for metal shelving Warehouse galvanized

Available on-line add-on modules are compatible with the metal shelving Warehouse in galvanized version. The solution of the continuity of iron shelving allows you to have positive results in terms of occupied space and money, this is because thanks to the use of additional modules for the galvanized metal shelving you can easily create homogeneous and linear arrangements by eliminating some components structural core modules of shelving. Through the use of additional modules you can also create shelving 90 ° corners or other awkward angles.

Additional modules for metal shelving Warehouse painted

Castellani Shop Warehouse produces painted metal shelving thus also sells its oline painted add-on modules that allow you to continue and modular metal shelving. The standard colors of the painted metal shelving Warehouse are gray and avion. Additional modules of painted metal shelving offer the possibility to continue the rack linearly using the dimensions that suit the needs of space.


Additional modules for metal shelving to store wall

Castellani Shop also produces metal shelves wall to store that as for metal shelves Warehouse are made modular to 100% due all'utilzzo additional modules. The metal shelving shop therefore they consider modular shelving composing the core modules and additional modules. Saving some metal shelving components and creating the right sequence are made functional and efficient shelving, the store's construction.


Additional modules for metal shelving to store freestanding

Direct online sales of add-on modules for metal racks in the center of the store room. The additional modules of the gondolas are used to create continuous shelving modules freestanding, these types of metal racking is ideal for the shops because being two-faced shelving should not be blocked on the wall. Using additional modules of a freestanding metal shelves can create different lengths of Central preparations thus having the opportunity to show them to audiences who visit the store many products for sale.


Additional modules for stainless steel shelving hook

Extra modules available for stainless steel shelving fully interlocking with hook plans. Even the steel shelving can be continued using the specially designed add-on modules and products to ensure and give continuity to the shelving for food. The additional modules then offer the chance to save some of the basic components of the shelving module. The main function then the additional or continuous form of the shelving is to make llo metal shelf modulated at will according to the size of the spaces and to the needs.


Additional modules for galvanized metal shelving portapallets

The add-on modules of the metal shelving Portapallets have the function of continuing the shelving for pallets along the length required. This system of continuous addition of modules for Portapallets shelving is very useful and efficient because by doing so, for each span of shelving, it is possible to create multiple levels of load distributing the weights uniformly over the entire length of the various levels. also using additional modules of shelving you can also reach different heights with metal shelves as needed storage of material on pallets or loose packages.