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Drawers on shelves and cart

Online sale of metal or plastic drawers drawers or polypropylene useful for the storage of small parts and working accessories. The drawer units can have completely removable trays or drawers with top opening. These drawers or drawer units are compatible with all metal shelving models on the site Castellani Shop and allow you to differentiate in an orderly and precise small parts normally used in your daily work. There are also solutions with stackable containers in various sizes that have substantially the same function of the cassettes. Last solution is to employ drawers and cardboard boxes with internal separators which are simply resting on metal shelving.

Scaffali a parete

Wall shelves

Shelving wall in modular polypropylene at will, compounds Practibox shelves with drawers of varying sizes in plastic. Combining several drawers to boxes is simple shelves to be anchored to the wall can be made to ensure greater stability of the structure. Various shelf plans consist Practibox boxes that are set up at will as needed. Since space-saving shelves you can combine various wall shelves or in the center single-sided room.
Scaffali con basamento

Shelves with base

The plastic composed of drawers shelves can also be positioned centered in the bathroom simply by entering a base that supports the entire sided shelf. In this case the shelf must not therefore be anchored to the wall and does not need additional support. The external and internal structure of the shelving remains the same, is manufactured in plastic, allows to stow many small items and accessories according to the size of the drawers that make up each floor of the shelving.