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Shop and Store

Metal shelving, shop, metal shelving to store entirely produced in Italy and composed of separate modules and freestanding modules. The metal shelving shopping facilities are ideal for hosting any type of store. It is painted metal shelves in various color and AVAILABLE in various sizes that allow you to create various types of furniture. The composition of the wall metal shelving and metal shelving freestanding makes the sale welcoming point for the customer.

Scaffalatura metallica da negozio a parete
Metal shelving completely interlocking wall, shelves in painted iron. Metal racks from shop floors composed with shelves of different depths distributed in a uniform manner throughout the height of the shelving. These painted iron structures are positioned very often in home environments where you need to archive material of varied kind. The shop from metal shelf must necessarily be stopped at the wall so as to ensure proper stability of the structure. The metal shelving in question is composed of both basic modules by additional modules so as to be able to create furnishing continuity of the store.
Scaffalatura metallica da negozio a centro stanza

Freestanding shelving

Metal shelving to store fully interlocking middle of a room (gondola). The metal racks are freestanding have been designed to have a maximum height of 140cm precisely because their main function is that of having to be positioned at the center of the stores or outlets. These types of metal shelves allow customers to have no visual obstructions during the visit in the store; other important and interesting feature of these metal shelving is that they are double sided so they must not be stopped or anchored anywhere and can be loaded for the sale of products in both sides.

Personalizza la tua scaffalatura da negozio
We give you the ability to customize and create the metal shelving at will. Castellani Shop offers an alternative solution to the classic purchase on the site e-shop; it offers the possibility of independent and individual configuration of the metal shelving to store based on the needs of the retailer. Using this setup then you can create and organize your own shop decor. The metal racks by Castellani Shop store are indicated and recommended for any type of store furniture.
pannelli dogati a parete

Slatwall Wall

The wall staved panels are easily integrated with the metal shelving from Castellani Shop store; They are very accessorized and are available in various colors. The staved panels can also be anchored to the wall very simply. The paneling of metal slatted wood paneling and tiling staved from the store shelves are designed and built with the same logic; this is a huge advantage for the use of accessories from the store type hooks door blister, the shelves in glass, the plexiglass floors, containers and tanks brochure holder.

pannelli dogati a centro stanza

Slatwall freestanding

Using colored wood staved panels you can create comfortable and beautiful single-sided or double-sided gondolas can be positioned within the installation of the store. Racks center wooden room can either be used for wall decoration is to furnish a room. This type of product is very well finished and makes it very cozy shop that is served with these products. The slatted shelving middle of a room have paneling slats accessorized at will.

pannelli dogati a centro stanza

Accessories for stores shelvings

Castellani Shop offers the opportunity to purchase a wide and varied type of accessories which can also be added at a later time to metal shelving from store. These accessories have different shapes, different purposes, using various and different, various types of materials according all'utlizzo that can be done. These are accessories that are applied directly to the rear staved panels which support the metal shelves to store.