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Metal shelving from stock, metal shelving for stores and for the storage of materials in warehouses. It is a type of iron shelving completely interlocking that may be available in both galvanized version that patent. This type of metal shelves are very substantial, are produced internally and provide strength and durability over time. metal shelving of this type are installed in cities and require wall mounting or ceiling, it can also provide a free standing solutions with appropriate sealing stabilizers. Metal racks are the flagship product of Castellani Shop.

Scaffalatura metallica da magazzino zincata

Metal shelving from galvanized stock

Metal shelving average flow Warehouse. Shelving galvanized iron fully interlocking. modular and modular structure at will. Various measures of heights, depths and lengths. Various courses for single plane. The shelves in galvanized metal are the most economical version of sale shelving Castellani Shop; These racks are very much used in warehouses and in any environment where it is necessary to store and archive material. The metal shelves can be fitted in various ways. The metal shelves are always available and ready for delivery.

Scaffalatura metallica da magazzino verniciata
The painted metal shelving Warehouse are a viable alternative to galvanized metal shelving. These shelves after being produced entirely Italian production cycle suffer a superior paint process. The metal shelves Castellani Shop are used for many and varied uses. The metal racks are useful for the store and the storage of any products. In addition, the racks can be customized by inserting a number of accessories that have been provided to make it more aesthetically pretty shelving.

Scaffalature metalliche industriali in ferro

Industrial metal shelving iron

Castellani Shop in addition to the classic metal shelving warehouse also produces industrial shelving that can support very heavy also evenly distributed loads. These types of racks usually are used in department stores and in warehouses of materials on pallets. It is however of metal shelves made of painted or galvanized steel sheet that must be necessarimente anchored and stuck to the wall or to the ground in order to ensure greater stability of the metal structure.

Personalizza la tua scaffalatura da magazzino
We offer the opportunity for customers to personalize their metal shelving at will by stock; the configuration of the metal shelf part precisely by the size of the walls that need to be furnished to then continue with the addition of all the various components and utilii essential to ensure that the metal shelf performs its native function. Customers can purchase online directly the configuration chosen during the course of metal furniture customization.

Door car tires

Online direct sales of metal shelving for the storage of tires, the tires of the cars and vehicles in general. These metal shelves should inevitably be anchored to the floor or wall; important aspect that should be emphasized is that the rubber holder metal shelves must be spaced from the wall before being fixed by means of suitable spacers, this to ensure that the tires have their space for storage. Using the rubber holders shelves you can create various load levels based on the height of the rack that you want to achieve.
Direct online sales of metal shelves portapallets, these racks are designed and built specifically to support high and very heavy loads. The metal shelving in question provides for a series of load levels that may vary according to the height of the shelving, in addition, these metal shelving for safety issues need to be wall-mounted stops or on the ground with special safety systems. These types of shelving are generally used to store various material positioned on pallets or pallets or bulk material of large dimensions.
scaffalature in acciaio inox

Stainless steel shelving

Metal shelving modular hook, made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel with smooth or perforated shelves thickness 8/10. Racks made of stainless steel are used mainly in sectors such food bars, bakeries, restaurants, kitchens, work areas in which very often occurs direct contact between the food and the parties acciaiose the racking. The stainless steel shelves is made adjustable and removable plans based on the positioning material needs. The metal structure of these shelves is very resistant to rust.

Accessori per scaffalature metalliche da magazzino

Accessories for metal storage racks

There are plenty of useful accessories and can be added and added to all metal storage shelving modules both in galvanized iron version and in painted iron version. They are accessories and accessories that can be inserted and installed individually on any metal shelving module. The proposed accessories are produced directly on the company and are simply applied to the joints. They are therefore accessories for mines, accessories for reinforcing the reach of metal planes, floor separators, floor drawer units and many other accessories