Free shipping across Europe with orders over 1.000 € + vat.

Free delivery in italy with orders over € 300 + vat

Customer service / phone orders 0587 748052 customer care assets from monday to friday from 8.00 to 16.30


1) How often can I get updates of new products on your site www.castellanishop.it?

- Castellani Shop updates the catalog daily.

- You can contact us by email at [email protected] or to the number 0587 748052 to send requests for information on items or products that you do not find on the site.



2) Do you have a website where I can see photographs of achievements made recently?

- Of course, we invite you to visit our website where you will find many photos www.castellanisrl.it institutional achievements.



3) Are you a manufacturer?

- Of course, for over 60 years we are manufacturers of: Warehouse shelving average reading; shelving semi heavy; shelving high flow port pallets; workbenches; sales counters.

- Our production facility is based in Montecalvoli, in the province of Pisa.



4) Where can I find installation instructions and product catalogs?

- Inside each product you will find the complete product catalog and the instruction manual for installation related to that product. Our every product is assembled completely interlocking and therefore, easy to assemble. Each product is accompanied (within the package) from hard copy of the booklet of use, maintenance and installation.

- You can still request it to our staff via email ([email protected] by writing to or by calling 0587 748 052). You receive the material in PDF format

- You can also upload .pdf scaricarele visiting the "attachments" of each item.



5) How can I communicate with your staff?

- Our staff is always available and available from Monday to Friday from 8.00 am to 17.00

- You can send email to e-mail: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]

- You can send faxes to the number 0587 749031 or call at 0587 748052

- You can communicate online using chat (access is on the far right on the site www.castellanishop.it)



6) Can I ask for a quote on letterhead? How long can you make and send a quote?

- Sure, send us an email to e-mail [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected] and ask for a quote on letterhead. You will receive it within 24 / 48h working.



7) Make planning and technical drawings? You can request a custom quote for furniture store, warehouse, office, etc ... I can send you the plan or design?

- Of course, we have the Technical and Planning within the company. Also sent the plan in .pdf format; .png; .jpg; .dwg, or even a drawing made by hand, to the email [email protected] The document you send remember to include as many things as possible: overall size of areas to be furnished, walls dimensions, heights, dimensions, n . doors, n. windows, rooms. In this way, our staff will be facilitated in the design and realization of technical drawings that will be submitted to the attention of the customer.



8) All your products are ready for delivery?

- Castellani Shop sells products ready for delivery (marked with a special logo on the site). However, within each product sheet you will find specific wording with indication of the relative time needed for delivery.



9) What couriers normally entrusted the goods?

- Castellani Shop partnership with different national and international carriers including Artoni Trasporti, Geodis Zust Ambrosetti, GLS. Very often, and based on the material that we carry, we use private shippers.



10) Do you have promotions in place?

- Castellani Shop offers its users several PROMO.  FREE SHIPPING FOR ORDERS => € 300 NET (valid throughout Italy)  SHIPPING FOR ORDERS € 30 <300 € NET (valid throughout Italy)



11) Once completed the purchase, with whom I can talk to or who can write to read detailed information about shipping?

- Castellani Shop offers pre- and post-sale fees. Our operatotori are available Monday through Friday from 8:00 to 16:30 (open all day) by calling 748 052 0587 or by writing an email to the addresses [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]



12) In short I will open a shop and I would like to have a rough idea of ​​the amount that I'm going to spend? Standard solutions have to offer? You have solutions "turnkey"?

- Of course, accessing this page (http://www.castellanishop.it/allestimento-negozi) you find solutions already composed and complete shop fittings. Within each exhibition will set out all the specific information required. Our staff is always available and available for any questions or concerns (0587 748052; [email protected]; [email protected]). The price includes all accessories useful for installation and all standard equipment. Inside the pallet that receive troverte assembly instructions and the instructions for use and maintenance.



13) Your company is certified? Which and how many certifications you have?

- Of course, the company Castellani.it Ltd. is CERTIFIED. Visit the page of the "Enterprise Certification" (http://www.castellanishop.it/certificazioni-aziendali).