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Direct online sales of display cases from the store, for products display cabinets with interior plans. The by Castellani Shop display windows are made of tempered glass and can be placed on fixed legs or on wheels also may have hinged or sliding doors closed. The scope of each shelf inside the window may vary depending on the size of the window. The windows also can have internal halogen or LED to provide greater brightness to the exposed products.


Castellani Shop offers showcases CAST, for showcases of products and items suitable to furnishings and fittings of jewelry stores. The showcases are a great way of shops furnishings, shop-in fact, may have different customization both in colors and sizes that the devices and accessories:

Direct online sales of several lines of display cabinets for shops, the available models are really a lot and ogi type of window has features that make using the optimal window for creating custom furnishings of shops of all kinds:

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Line of display cases for jewelry and clothing stores produced entirely in Italy with exclusively quality and valuable materials. These showcases are made with external aluminum or chromed profiles and are composed of tempered glass tops adjustable in height. CAST PLUS model showcases are also equipped with LED or halogen lighting and can be fitted with a low cabinet in painted melamine wood.

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Furnishing showcases for jewelery shops with adjustable doors and internal shelves in polished tempered glass and finished on the sides, on the top and on the base in glossy white or silver painted melamine. This is a whole new line of showcases designed and produced entirely in Italy thanks to the use of high quality raw materials. The showcases can be positioned on fixed feet or they can rest on a metal or wooden base and can be provided with very comfortable retractable wheels to make moving around the store easier.