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The complete furnishing of any store always provides the use of exhibitors fixed or on wheels, for products from the store display cases, sales counter or cash counter in various forms and in various types. All that allows the display of material for the sale within a store is called exhibitor precisely because it allows the display of various types of products for sale. The presence of exhibitors from store within the store is essential and indispensable to deploy the best products for sale.



Many types of display cases suitable for any environment (shop, house, exhibition). Fixed windows, on wheels, with adjustable internal shelves. The display cases can have spotlights, low wooden cabinet, the fixed wheels or feet. The showcases for exposure are made of durable and tempered glass, the jewelery display cases also may have various sizes and internal plans to shop windows may contain material of varied kind on display. These types of windows are generally used both in shops and in other environments. The showcases are in fact used in any environment, very often vegono also used at home to organize collections.
Banconi negozio

Bench sale

The sales counters or Castellani Shop checkouts are one of the niche products venditia online. These are structures made entirely of painted sheet steel, the front of the audience is made staved panels, the upper floor is made in scratch resistant melamine wood board lateriale abs. The operator side the sales counter can be equipped with various accessories such as drawers in melamine with lock closure, the height adjustable shelves useful for supporting and storing tools and documents. The sales counters may have various forms, also angular, they can be made entirely of glass and generally are made using materials and colors that are compatabili with the remainder of the furniture part to store.