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Banco metal work for warehouse and workshop works cm. 280x120x93h

Cod. Prodotto: BLV280/120

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Cm Workbench. 290x120x93h gray


Name: workbench with support structure in painted metal and melamine

Standard equipment: n ° 1 workbench

Product features: workbench with painted metal frame and noblitato with the following characteristics:

- supporting structure in curved tubular welding without filler
- Upstairs in melamine gray dim. cm. 280x120 composed of two pieces of dim. cm. 140x120
- maximum range of the upper floor: 250 kg evenly distributed load
- board the plane in gray ABS
- No. 4 lower floors painted interlocking gray RAL 7038 dim. cm. 100x60
- maximum capacity at uniformly distributed load of the lower floor: kg. 100 

In the bottom of the page you will find the products Associati, to accessorize the workbench:
- Metal drawer with lockrotating wheels and brake kits 
- In the event of a choice of wheels, communicating the finished height of the desks earth
External dimensions (LXPXH) cm.: 280x120x93 

Structure color: gray RAL 7038

Panel color: gray

Installation: unassembled benches (with practical instructions)

Compliance: ISO 9001 - ISO 14001 - OHSAS 18001

Production time: given to the courier within 5 working days about

Delivery time: 2-5 days / 7 work day for reliance Islands to reliance courier to courier

Intended use: interior, warehouse, industry

Useful Information: GUARANTEED BY LAW

additional details or requests should be submitted in the NOTES order or sent to [email protected]

Availability: Available for purchase

Incl. Tax: €711.97

Additional Information

SKU BLV280/120
Codice EAN 0710465509580
Lenght (cm.) 280
Depth (cm.) 120
Height (cm.) 93
Destination use Industry
Weight 125
Banco metal work for warehouse and workshop works cm. 280x120x93h
Banco metal work for warehouse and workshop works cm. 280x120x93h Cm Workbench. 290x120x93h gray